Hydrate to look great

Our bodies are made up of 60% of water and the skin is our largest organ and our main barrier to the outside environment. We need water to keep that barrier intact - dry flaky spots and irritation are all chinks in that armour.

Since skin is an organ made up of cells, the cells function much better when they are thoroughly lubricated and hydrated. More water intake means better cell productivity which helps achieve healthier, even and glowing skin and water is an important component of the cutaneous structures of the skin required for collagen production – which is one of the key building blocks of the skin with great elasticity.

So how much water is enough each day?

Well there is no specific formula to calculate how much water one should drink daily because it really depends on so many factors. Humidity, temperature, caffeine intake, alcohol intake and many more can all be dehydrating. If you dehydrate your skin with caffeine, alcohol, or just lack of water, your skin contracts like the dry sponge in your sink. Health authorities recommend at least 8 glasses each day which is about 2 litres of water.

Can you count water as a skincare step?

Consuming water is not really a skincare step but it is a wellness step which contributes to good skin. Any water you drink feeds your internal organs and cells before making its way to your skin’s surface.

Keeping your skin hydrated requires a combination of consuming enough water as well as finding a good skincare routine. 

Pro tip: Keeping a humidifier around, especially in the winter, can do wonders for keeping your skin hydrated while you are sleeping or at work.

Water – Drink it or Eat it!

There is water in every living thing including lots of foods you already eat. Any combination of water-packed foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini and other brightly coloured vegetables and fruit is an ideal way of getting the nutrients and hydration to help your body retain and utilize that water more efficiently.

Your skin won’t improve overnight even when you’ve committed to drinking more water, but lots of people claim that they feel better and appear more radiant!!

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